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We fixed our prices so we can concentrate only on increasing our treatment quality. Our prices could be higher or lower from other dental clinics on this planet, so we just suggest you to choose your treatment according to Quality/Cost efficiency as we are one of the top clinics for Quality/Cost ratio. Till establishment in 2005, we have treated more than 5000 patients. You can see some of our cases from the before/after gallery.


Oral examination, preparation of treatment plan and qouteFree
Small X-ray Free
Dental X-ray (panoramic) Free
Annual control examination (inc. examination, panoramic X-ray, transfer)                         Euro 75

Tooth extraction Euro 100
Wisdom tooth extrusion Euro 200
Root resection (front teeth) Euro 200
Root resection (molars) Euro 250

Porcelain veneer with empress (staining tech) Euro 300
Porcelain veneer with empress emax (layering tech)Euro 375


Total - Zimmer Implant System (with standard abutment)                                         Euro 800 - 850
Total - Zimmer Implant System (Zirconium abutment)     Euro 1130

Total - Iti Implant System (standard abutment) Euro 1000
Total - Iti Implant System (full ceramic abutment)Euro 1395


The price of the implant system includes: Surgery + Implant + healing abutment + standard implant abutment or post.
Temporary replacement is only      Euro 30 / tooth.
With Plusdent a typical single tooth replacement (Biohorizons) costs:
Implant + Temporary Crown + Standard Abutment + Permanent Crown(pfm) = Euro 1000 (with no hidden cost or extra, only if there is a need for bone graft and other additional surgical procedures you'll be informed before the treatment)


Tooth with one root canal Euro 100
Tooth with two or four root canals   Euro 200 (performed by an endodontist)

Sinus Lift Euro 490
Material (£100 /gram, £80 / membran) avarage cost Euro 200

Tooth-coloured filling                                                                                                Euro 75
Composite inlay / onlay Euro 200
Porcelain inlay / onlay with Procera/empress Euro 300 - 375

Porcelain covered crown, bridge (per unit) (pfm) Euro 150
Porcelain crown with empress (staining tech) Euro 300
Porcelain crown with empress (layering tech) Euro 375
Zirconia Crown Euro 375
Full porcelain Crown or Bridge unit with Cercon Euro 375
Full porcelain Crown or Bridge unit with Procera Euro 375
Porcelain covered crown to an implant Euro 200
Temporary crown Euro 30
Temporary denture (partial or full) Euro 200
Removable plastic denture Euro 500
Removable metal denture                     Euro 600
Overdenture Euro 1500
Precision attachment partial metal denture Euro 1350

Full professional tooth whitening in the consultation room (office type)+ home bleaching kits Euro 325

Plaque removal / Dental Hygiene Treatment (essential with some dental treatments) Euro 75
Professional tooth cleaning (plaque removal, intraoral power jet, polishing) Euro 150 (by a periodontist specialist)