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"I would recommend anyone seeking cosmetic dentistry to come here" 100%

I have been looking for dentists for a long time in the US and in Turkey and I found PlusDent online. I went to Istanbul for only one week in March and I am VERY happy with my results. PlusDent has an amazing staff who are very friendly and helpful, they always greet you with the best hospitality. The clinic itself is located in a great area with beautiful parks and shopping. The clinic was so modern and clean! I have never seen such a nice clinic.
I was very surprised and shocked at how fast PlusDent was able to finish my dental work. I got 3 veneers and 1 cap, as well as teeth whitening, and the procedure was made very comfortable for me. Dr. Ozturk and Dr. Kazandi and staff are professional, friendly, and very very good at what they do, I would recommend anyone seeking cosmetic dentistry to come here, as I came all the way from the United States to come here.
You will not find better dentists or staff anywhere.
"Very professional"  88%

Very professional, takes ample time to explain about procedure. Hygiene good. Speaks excellent English. Basically better experience than going to the dentist in The Netherlands.


"I will gladly return"  %92

I chose plusdent because of their fast detailed response to my inquiry and the recommendations from other patients and I was not disappointed. Dr.Onur Ozturk is very competent and good at explaining in good English. After careful examination and X ray, there was taken photograph of my teeth,and then we sat down and discussed what should be done.
I was carefully adviced, and I decided four crowns,including one, other dentists did not think could be done, and a root canal. Drilling, construction and imprint was made the same day easy and painles, and then the root canal. Only three days after the crowns were finished and were carefully aligned and the day after they could be cemented, and it worked perfectly, and the price was as quoted.
I will not hesitate to recommend this clinic and its friendly and helpful staff and I will gladly return.


I was so pleased with my treatment. The service and attention to detail was excellent and the price was exactly as I had been quoted.


"One more time I want to say thank you so much to Mr.Ozturk, " %100

I had gap between my front teeth and I was so uncomfortable, any time I want to smile. I was always covering my mouth with my hand. Then I decided to have a surgery, I spoke to a few dental clinic but I wasn't satisfied with their knowledge.
After a big research, by chance I discovered the Plusdent on the internet and I had an appointment with dentist Onur Ozturk and he seemed, he knows what he is doing. After I had an operation I could not believe how much my life changed. I was so confident with my smile even some of my friends told me in all my photos I always had a big smile. One more time I want to say thank you so much to Mr.Ozturk, also to a lovely lady Seher who works at reception and of course to Plusdent.


Hong Kong SAR
"the service plusdent provides is fantastic,"  %96

First of all I must say that the service plusdent provides is fantastic, i am really impressed from their professionality. They really care for their patients, it is fantastic to see doctors who really thinks their patients like this.
Finally I must say their passion for esthetic dentistry is unbelieveble, Dr. Onur enjoys giving people new smiles, it is good to be in his hands. I appricate a lot everything Plusdent did to me. Thank you very much Dr. Onur Ozturk , Dr. Mehmet Kazandi and all Plusdent Team. Hope to see you next time with all of my family with their requests :)   


Hong Kong SAR
"I strongly recommend Plusdent Clinic to anyone who has a chance to visit istanbul."   %94

I visited Plusdent after one of my friend's recommendation and i was having some hesitations in the beginning. After reading positive comments of Plusdent i was convinced that i am not doing wrong. All of my teeth problems are now solved, i got implants and veneers and i am very happy with the outcome.
Dr. Onur Ozturk and his team did a fine teamwork together in a very short time. And you wont believe me but the price is uncomparable according to similar dentists or clinics in other parts of the world, i know because i travel a lot. But before this you must know something; there are standart dentists and upper level dentists or dental clinics so i make the comparision between the second ones. I strongly recommend Plusdent Clinic to anyone who has a chance to visit istanbul.


"The office is clean, professional, and of course, the costs are much lower than the United States."    %100

My Review After moving within Boston, Massachusetts I was seeking a dentist and was referred to a dentist in my area. I was told that I had five cavities, needed two to three cleanings, and that my health was in danger due to having amalgam fillings. Likely, the dentist saw that I had left the area blank where the paper work asks for the name of your previous dentist.
Complaining to a friend from Turkey about the issue, she recommended dentists in Istanbul. I found PlusDent and could not be any happier with my experience. Turns out that I did not have as many cavities as I was told in Boston and the dentist even said that I could wait to have them treated. The dentist did not make me feel that my health was at risk and that my dental work was urgent. The office is clean, professional, and of course, the costs are much lower than the United States.
My Mother's Review After having spent close to $20,000 out of pocket in the United States for what I will call a failed dental experiment, I was not looking forward to the $8,000 that I was going to be charged for bridge work.. While in Istanbul with my daughter, she recommended PlusDent, based on her previous visit. I was a bit apprehensive but all my worries vanished when I met with the dentist and saw the professionalism of the entire office staff. My bridge work cost about $3,000 in Turkey.
When I returned home to the United States and had a cleaning six months later my dentist was very impressed with the dental work.

"We do recommend this clinic! Do not hesitate to get treatments at plusdent! " 100%

We had arranged a trip to Istanbul, and suddenly it came to our mind that we might be able to find cheap tratments in Turkey. We were a bit unsecure about choosing a dentist abroad. However the price range we were looking at here in Denmark was significant more than in Turkey, so we checked out the reviews online and found Plusdent.
We sent some pictures of my mouth and asked if they were able to manage the two bridges plus crown plus whitening in 6 days and they confirmed that they could and that they had done it in less. We got a price and they stuck to the price (in fact we payed 100 euro less and got for way more than we had planned - I got ceramic crowns instead of PFM!) ,and I got some extra treatments we hadnt even agreed on.
Doctor Onur, doctor Mehmet, doctor Özlem and the rest of the staff were all helpful and very pleasant. The doctors spoke great English and told us in detail what they were doing etc. The result of the treatment is somewhere near perfect and we will definately come back to Turkey in case one of us needs to get something done. We do recommend this clinic! Do not hesitate to get treatments at plusdent!

"Thanks to Plusdent Clinic I can smile again." 90%

Thanks to Plusdent Clinic I can smile again. I came all the way from Holland for a treatment and I am completely satisfied with my new Laminates. Very friendly staff all around, and a very open, comfortable atmosphere at a wonderful location at Nisantasi, Istanbul.
Dr Mehmet Zahid Kazandi and dr Onur Ozturk did a great job. They only go for perfection and the results are showing. It was the best dentist experience I've ever had, and my teeth feel and look great! Thank you Plusdent Clinic!

"I'm 100% satisfied" 100%

Plusdent dental clinic is an amazing place. I know people can be a little scared of going to a dentist but I love the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Plusdent. The dentists and staff in Plusdent are always friendly, warm and accommodating. They not only smile all the time but also bring your smile up to perfection.
Dr. Mehmet Kazandi is a professional with up to date knowledge and extreme care for his patients. Dr. Kazandi goes beyond the treatment; he becomes friend with you and approaches your treatment just as a friend would help another. I had a root canal and couple of fillings during my last visit.
I've never felt a major pain or whatsoever during my treatments by Dr. Kazandi. I've had all my dental care in Plusdent and I know I can trust them to provide the best quality treatment with any dental problem for the rest of my life. I'm 100% satisfied with all my treatments by Dr. Mehmet Kazandi in Plusdent. I recommend everyone Dr. Mehmet Kazandi and Plusdent without any reservation for many reasons such as professional dental care, modern equipment, extreme hygiene, friendliness, reasonable cost and guarantee.
I loved Plusdent back in Turkey and still go there for excellent dental care. To be honest, instead of going to a dentist for a major treatment in the U.S., I can take a vacation, have a trip to Turkey during low season for flight, get care in Plusdent, enjoy Istanbul and still save some… AWESOME!!! I'll return next winter for a regular cleaning, dental check up and possibly for some implants.

"Thank you again for taking such great care of me. " 100% 

I was so nervous at the beginning for choosing esthetic dental treatments service in another country, I searched a lot for esthetic dental cases but I've never seen amazing samples like on Plusdent 's web page. First I contacted them and they replied to me with lots of information, it was impressive for the beginning.
After opening the door to the offices of Dr. Onur Ozturk and Dr. Mehmet Kazandi, I was immediately impressed with the atmosphere of professionalism and hospitality of the Plusdent team. The extra surprise behind the doors was the astonishing people that make up Plusdent Team. I already knew they were doing their job in world class but what I was about to learn was the level of caring and compassion they have for their patients.
These are doctors who are willing to go beyond -- they extend themselves to others in an attitude of love, selflessness, generosity and genuineness. Dr. Onur Ozturk has never been satisfied until the job was done to perfection and his philosophy of making procedures as painless as possible removes all the anxiety of going to the dentist You never have to worry because you know you are in the hands of the very best! As I mentioned I didn't realize how bad my smile was until you forwarded the "before" photo to me.
Thank you again for taking such great care of me. Through their support, encouragement and knowledge I found the strength to embark upon a journey of transforming my smile and my life. Not only did Dr. Onur Ozturk and Dr. Kazandi "hold my hand" through every step of the way, they became dear and valuable friends. I cannot thank them enough for giving me the smile I have always held in my dreams. Seher, Rustu, Burak, Cigdem ......
THANK YOU ALL, for being there, for caring and making those years a breeze

Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
"Extremely happy with the outcome" 98%

I had a major restoration of my teeth done in Dr. Mehmed and Dr. Onur's Plusdent clinic. A total of three implants, a bridge, and replacement of four old fillings. Everything, from the first contact to the appointments in Istanbul went very well and I am extremely happy with the outcome.
The team worked really well together and I felt like I was among friends rather than in a dental clinic. The clinic itself is nothing special, just a regular, very clean dental office, but the treatment of the dentists was indeed very special and I can recommend them to all of my friends.
The treatment plan, costs, and outcome was discussed early on, and it was always clearly stated what tasks are currently being done. The quality of the work was outstanding and the costs a fraction of the costs in the US or Germany. Communication in English was no problem at all with the dentists and I am very happy to have taken this step. Additionally, the team was very flexible with after-hours appointments and even appointments on the weekend in order to accommodate my schedule.
So, thanks again to the whole team. I would go back anytime.

"I feel truly lucky to have found Plusdent" 100%

Modern, professional, caring, comfortable, everything on one site. I have now been to Plusdent 3 times in the last year. From the very start of the treatment to completion everything was modern, professional, caring, comfortable, plus there were subsequent checkup/monitoring appointment. It is not often that I give maximum ratings, but this clinic deserves the highest accolades.
The dentists, Onur and Mehmet are extremely professional; facilities are exceptional and modern; with an on-site laboratory, all work is completed quickly and most efficiently. Nothing was too much trouble, and prices charged were very reasonable indeed. They help providing accommodation, I truly cannot fault any of it. Superb in every way. I feel truly lucky to have found Plusdent

"I have a beautiful, natural and healthy smile" 96%

I did major research on where to have my teeth done in Istanbul. I narrowed my decision down to three clinics highly recommended on the internet. Plusdent was the last of the three I visited and it turned out I saved the best for last.
I immediately felt I came to the right place,I was received by a very enthusiastic staff, so very friendly. Dr Ozturk patiently explained all the options and was very professional.I decided then and there, that I wanted to have my teeth done here. Dr.Ozturk is someone who is very passionate about his profession, he explains what he is doing,explains all the options, he really takes his time for you. Dr.Kazandi was also very professional and very friendly and did amazing work on my gums.

Would you recommend the clinic?
From day one, the communication was perfect, we even had the mobile number of the Dr.Ozturk, so we could reach him all the time. It is also very convenient that appointments were made in a very short period of time. I was in Istanbul for less then a week,which was no problem. Furthermore I have to say that Dr.Ozturk did everything to minimise the pain, it was almost painless.

Would you return for further treatment?
Yes, absolutely whenever I would need something, I would go back. My teeth look so good now, I have a beautiful, natural and healthy smile, I'm so proud. I feel I can trust Dr.Ozturk to always take care of my teeth, so I'll always have this smile!!!

"I finally have the amazing smile I've been dreaming of" 100%

Completely satisfied, i m just back from my dental trip and the least i can say, is that i finally have the amazing smile i've been dreaming of. bright, harmonious with my face and looking so natural. nobody can tell those are not my original teeth and for precision, i have made a complete make over of my upper teeth.

Would you recommend the clinic?
i am definitly recommanding plusdent clinic, the entire staff is serious, professional and competent . i haven't had any bad surprise, neither in which concerns the final result nor the total price. and i need to confess i'm a very difficult and demanding patient, i've been over plenty dental clinic in my country, then i went to hungary , budapest, but still not satisfied until i hit plusdent clinic.
Dr Mehmet answered to all the emails i've been sending to him, in a such prompt manner, i wanted even to know if the before_after pictures were really belonging to Plusdent, my first day in the clinic, Dr Mehmet showed me the original files with the different steps on the treatment, this conforted me. during the treatment, they gave me a mobile to reach them at anytime. and the final result was over my expectation, simply gorgeous.

Would you return for further treatment?
yes, i'm returning in two months for check up and an implant in the lower teeth. also i want to mention that the price i paid for my total treatment was exactly what was agreed on the original quote despite the fact that they have done some extra work on my teeth not cosidered in the original quote. so that was very conforting too. many thanks Plusdent.

"Dr. Ozturk was exceptionally competent" %98

There are several pleasing factors I would like to mention about this clinic and its staff. I was contacted by phone (I live in the United States) by Dr. Onur Ozturk personally a few days before I set out for my trip to Istanbul for my dental treatment. I was pleasantly surprised that he remembered to call and remind me about the day and time of the appointment.
We had kept up correspondence via email prior to my decision making on which clinic to attend in Istanbul, and Dr. Ozturk promptly returned all my messages, answering all my questions and addressing my concerns in a very professional manner.
The clinic itself is located in a very popular and upscale area of Beyoglu district known as Nishantashi and takes only a few minutes of walking from the nearest subway station (you get off at Osmanbey station). I was met at the door by very friendly and helpful staff member Seher hanim, and very shortly by Dr. Ozturk himself and soon ushered into the room.
I made a note how incoming patients are required to wear special plastic slippers over their shoes to keep the clinic clean. The treating room was cheerful, with a beautiful view of outdoor rose garden. I had a very particular case requiring skillful re-treatment. Dr. Ozturk was exceptionally competent and provided fully detailed and comprehensive answers to any questions I had, and I had some (but with my past experience in dealing with US dentists, I had to be inquisitive about every step of treatment offered).
Dr. Ozturk took his time and effort in explaining what was being done and how, what works best, what doesn't. I left the treating room with certainty that my money was well spent, and I finally got the treatment I was hoping for in the States.
Would you recommend the clinic?
I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends and otherwise. I enjoyed it for a number of reasons. Both treating dentist and the endodontist were superb, and the expenses of treatment, especially endodontic work, are quite reasonable, compared to overrated charges in US and Europe. I was a bit apprehensive about the quality of treatment, but what I observed left me quite satisfied.
Would you return for further treatment?
I am planning to return to Plusdent next year for an implant and bleaching. I have cancelled my dental insurance here in the States and intend to spend money out of my pocket (as I do in the States anyways, insurance or not) on my dental treatment in Istanbul as it offers much more responsible performance.